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หัวข้อ: SOIL MECHANICS A. Verruijt Delft University of Technology, 2001
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A. Verruijt

Delft University of Technology, 2001

Soil mechanics is the science of equilibrium and motion of soil bodies. Here soil is understood to be the weathered material in the upper layers of the earth’s crust. The non-weathered material in this crust is denoted as rock, and its mechanics is the discipline of rock mechanics. In general the difference between soil and rock is roughly that in soils it is possible to dig a trench with simple tools such as a spade or even by hand. In rock this is impossible, it must first be splintered with heavy equipment such as a chisel, a hammer or a mechanical drilling device. The natural weathering process of rock is that under the long-term influence of sun, rain and wind, it degenerates into stones. This process is stimulated by fracturing of rock bodies by freezing and thawing of the water in small crevices in the rock. The coarse stones that are created in mountainous areas are transported downstream by gravity, often together with water in rivers. By internal friction the stones are gradually reduced in size, so that the material becomes gradually finer: gravel, sand and eventually silt. In flowing rivers the material may be deposited, the coarsest material at high velocities, but the finer material only at very small velocities. This means that gravel will be found in the upper reaches of a river bed, and finer material such as sand and silt in the lower reaches.

1. Introduction
2. Classification
3. Particles, water, air
4. Stresses in soils
5. Stresses in a layer
6. Darcy’s law
7. Permeability
8. Groundwater flow
9. Floatation
10. Flow net
11. Flow towards wells
12. Stress strain relations
13. Tangent-moduli
14. One-dimensional compression
15. Consolidation
16. Analytical solution
17. Numerical solution
18. Consolidation coefficient
19. Creep
20. Shear strength
21. Triaxial test
22. Shear test
23. Dutch cell test
24. Pore pressures
25. Undrained behaviour of soils
26. Stress paths
27. Elastic stresses and deformations
28. Boussinesq
29. Newmark
30. Flamant
31. Deformation of layered soil
32. Lateral stresses in soils
33. Rankine
34. Coulomb
35. Tables for lateral earth pressure
36. Sheet pile walls
37. Blum
38. Sheet pile wall in layered soil
39. Limit analysis
40. Strip footing
41. Prandtl
42. Limit theorems for frictional materials
43. Brinch Hansen
44. Vertical slope in cohesive material
45. Stability of infinite slope
46. Slope stability
47. Soil exploration
48. Model tests
49. Pile foundations
Appendix A. Stress analysis
Appendix B. Theory of elasticity
Appendix C. Theory of plasticity
Answers to problems

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SOIL MECHANICS A. Verruijt Delft University of Technology

Thank you :: Delft University of Technology

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